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Creator of this wiki on the behalf of Dr. Wayne Curtis.

Undergraduate student in Chemical Engineering and Biochemistry & Molecular Biology at Penn State.

Graduate student in Chemical Engineering at University of California, Berkeley.

Visit my sites in the BC Cluster.

Here is are some tips—written in wiki markup—for using wiki markup to style a page.

I Am A Title[edit]

I Am A Subtitle[edit]

If a document has at least four titles/subtitles, a table of contents is automatically generated.

A new paragraph must be separated by a blank line; the parser will destroy most other whitespace.

Lists in Mediawiki[edit]

Lists are easily defined:

  1. items in a numbered list
  2. more items in a numbered list

Or like this:

  • items in a bulleted list
  • more items in a bulleted list

Preformatted text can skip the wiki parser by placing a single space before each line:

this is some    preformatted   text!
whitespace....                      will be preserved!

Links in MediaWiki[edit]

If you want to link to an external site, you can do it with this or this. If your wiki has a page called 'Physiology', you can link to it with Physiology. File:Physiology paper.pdf will link to a a file you've uploaded to the site, or to a file on the Wikimedia Commons with a matching name; you can change the display text of this link like this: The Physiology Paper.

I've installed the Cite extension for dealing with references and citations.[1] A list of all references can be autogenerated with:

  1. "Brandon installed the Cite Extension on the Wiki". Wiki News, 2014-11-02.

Math in MediaWiki[edit]

I’ve installed the MathJax extension, which allows you to create nicely-formatted equations with LaTeX syntax:

$ \psi = \int_a^b \frac{\alpha(x^2)}{\beta(x)}dx $

Equations surrounded with single dollar signs are in-line, while double dollar signs are automatically centered:

$$ f(x) = x_1^3 + ax_2^2 + bx + c $$

To prevent something from being parsed by MathJax, surround it with <nomathjax> tags; to disable equation syntaxes on an entire page, add the MATHJAX_NODOLLAR or MATHJAX_NODOLLARDOLLAR magic words to the page.

<nomathjax>$ \psi = \int_a^b \frac{\alpha(x^2)}{\beta(x)}dx $</nomathjax>

Many helpful LaTeX cheatsheets are available.

Additional Resources[edit]

If you want to check out what wiki markup looks like in the wild, check out any of my other wikis:

That should get you started!

Brandon (talk) 10:56, 9 November 2014 (PST)

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